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It’s the best place to tan and we guarantee it. Period. And that means a lot! Especially because Fun Tan is the only tanning center that does everything to champion that guarantee.

Most importantly, our lamps are monitored and changed to ensure you are getting every ray you pay for. 

We employ a professional maintenance team to perform regular maintenance on all of our equipment to keep it in top performing condition. That means the beds you love are always available for use.  

Fun Tan is clean! As a matter of fact, we clean each store from floor to ceiling at least once a day. Not only does our cleanliness reinforce your confidence, it provides a worry-free, comfortable atmosphere.

Our customer service is the best in the industry! Not only are our tanning professionals certified by Smart Tan, an international tanning educational curriculum, they go through an intense training program, followed by ongoing individual and group training sessions. This is why Fun Tan is voted #1 every year by multiple independent local and national surveys. Fun Tan is the only area tanning center than can say that.

At Fun Tan, we comply with all state and federal regulations. Not every tanning center does this! From eyewear to underage tanning, we have procedures in place to keep you safe and informed.

And for your ultimate convenience, we have multiple ways to purchase tanning, taking into account your tanning needs and desired expectations, so you can be assured optimal value with each visit.

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