Diamond KBL Bed

Available at our South Bend Avenue location, the Diamond KBL 8000 bed, combines red light therapy and UV tanning in a single session.  Automatic climate control adjusts for a comfortable tanning experience throughout your tanning session,  With shoulder and facial tanners, an optional aqua cooling mist, Bluetooth capabilities and intelligent lamp intensity control, the KBL allows for a customized tanning session.

Tanses High Pressure Bed
Tan in total luxury in the Tanses High-Pressure bed with minimal UVB. The top is all facial bulbs and the bottom has all UVA bulbs. Ten-minute maximum.

Tanses High Pressure Standup
Tan in total luxury in the Tanses High Pressure Standup. Ten minute maximum 

Achieve a darker bronze-colored tan in the Solarwind. The Solarwind offers shoulder tanners with the strongest level 3 facials. 12-minute maximum.

Sunliner/Beauty Sun
The Sunliner/Beauty Sun has built-in air conditioning with a double-contoured acrylic bottom for your comfort. It also has side tanners for a more even tan. 12-15 minute maximum.

Large tanning bed with more UVA lamps(bronzing) on the top and more UVB on the bottom. Lowest cost bed with facials. 15-minute maximum.

Bed with the most UVB. Lamps have mirrored back that reflects additional light on the tanner. 20-minute maximum.

Euro Capsule
Stand-up tanning unit. More UVA resulting in a bronze color. Eliminates pressure points from laying on acrylics. 360-degree tan. 7 – 10 minute maximum.

3400/Puretan Regular
More UVB. Need to tan more frequently to maintain color. 20-minute maximum.

Face Tanner
No need to undress. Four 1500 watt facials. Almost all UVA. Deep bronze tan. 15-minute max.

Leg Tanner
Designed for the person that wants to even out their tan on their legs. More UVB. 12 minute max.