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What Is Special About Your Beds?

Our tanning beds offer more tanning surface area and better lamps, giving you a better tan while making your tanning experience more comfortable.

What Else Can You Tell Me?

Each tanning unit is in a completely private room behind a locked door. You will tan in comfort listening to your favorite music.

Plan 5 to 10 sessions scheduled consecutively to build a dark tan base. 1 to 3 sessions a week thereafter will maintain your tan all year round if you so desire.

Any Tips For Those With Lighter Complexions?

People with lighter complexions who burn very easily in the sun may want to start with sessions every other day. Sunbathe moderately but regularly.

What Do I Wear?

You may undress to your level of comfort.  Areas of skin that have never been tanned before should be exposed gradually, as they may be more sensitive.

Can I Bring Anything?

Only specifically formulated tanning products (lotions) are allowed in the tanning beds. Other products formulated for outdoor tanning may be ineffective in the beds and will damage the acrylic sheets. Fun Tan carries some of the nation’s best tanning and skin care products because we understand and stress the importance of lotion use for developing a great tan and keeping your skin healthy.

What Else Is Required?

You must wear eye protection in the tanning units. Your eyes do not have protection from the UV light that your skin has.

You may want to remove all make-up before tanning. It can cause uneven tanning and some cosmetics can cause a skin reaction.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some people experience a heat rash or itching when starting a tanning program. It is caused by exposure to heat and UV light when the skin is not yet conditioned. If this occurs, we suggest increasing the length between sessions until your skin becomes acclimated.

What's The Deal With Lotions?

Lotions specially developed for indoor tanning also feed nutrients to your skin that help encourage the tanning process, like tyrosine, one of the amino acids necessary for the production of melanin, antioxidants to fight free radicals, vitamins to keep your skin in peak condition and anti-aging and firming complexes to keep it looking young.

The maximum benefit of lotions is to help you achieve a darker tan in fewer tanning visits, saving you time and money, and to keep your tan lasting as long as possible.

There are 2 types of lotions to be familiar with: Pre-tan and Post-tan. Pre-tan lotions are applied right before UV exposure and post-tan lotions are used after exposure and/or as a daily moisturizer.


  • Accelerator

  • Bronzer

  • Tingle

  • Face Lotion


  • Daily Moisturizer

  • Tan Extender


At Fun Tan we offer the a broad, well-rounded selection of lotions to help you reach your skincare goals. Our certified staff is well versed on all of our lotions and have a high level of expertise in making recommendations on the proper lotions for your skin type and tanning level.

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