Norvell Air Brush

100% UV free. Requires an airbrush technician to spray the solution on the customer. Sunless solution with a full line of color options – dark, double dark, Venetian, Cosmo, and 1-hour rapid. Takes 5 – 7 hours to develop. Lasts 5 – 7 days. Only offered at the McKinley Avenue Fun Tan by appointment.

Versa Spa Pro

100% UV-free. Produces a natural color in just 60 seconds. First-time user. The machine talks to you and tells you each position. Three full-body treatments – Prep, Bronzing, and Moisturizer.
Light, medium, dark and double dark in a clear or Catalina solution. Has a dry cycle. Lasts 5 – 7 days.

Red Light

Skin firming – Anti-aging. No UV rays. Takes 1 -2 months to see results. 20-minute maximum.