Norvell Air Brush

100% UV free. Requires an airbrush technician to spray the solution on the customer. Sunless solution with a full line of color options – dark, double dark, Venetian, Cosmo, and 1-hour rapid. Takes 5 – 7 hours to develop. Lasts 5 – 7 days. Only offered at the McKinley Avenue Fun Tan by appointment.

Versa Spa Pro

100% UV-free. Produces a natural color in just 60 seconds. First-time user. The machine talks to you and tells you each position. Three full-body treatments – Prep, Bronzing, and Moisturizer.
Light, medium, dark and double dark in a clear or Catalina solution. Has a dry cycle. Lasts 5 – 7 days.

Red Light Therapy Beds

Skin firming – Anti-aging. No UV rays. Takes 1 -2 months to see results. 20-minute maximum.


FDA cleared for salon use POLY IR provides a 15 minute session of red light therapy at 620-700 nm for skin rejuvenation and repair including anti-aging, anti-inflammation and wound healing,

Cocoon Pods

Our AquaPod provides a steam sauna session and the Red Light Cocoon provides a dry heat sauna session. Both include vibration plates and leave your face outside of the pod so that you feel comfortable while you receive the benefits of heat, vibration, red light and steam.